Alameda De Paula

Although it has transformed considerably since its original construction in the late 18th Century, the Alameda de Paula in Havana is brimming with charm. This beautiful seaside walkway is fully lined with mature trees, benches, a fountain, and the domed Paula Church. When visitors are ready to take time away from other attractions, this can be one of the great places to sit down and pause for reflection.

Currently paved and adorned with a stunning marble fountain, the Alameda de Paula was the first sea promenade in Havana. The walkway is made of stone and is relatively short with areas to take photos of the buildings and an opportunity to get up close and personal with the Paula Church, one of the area's large churches. Initially named after the street it stood on, which also shared its name with a church and hospital built alongside it – this boulevard is a prime place in the city for admiring the impressive stonework of the last four centuries and the unrivalled beauty of the lapping waves in the Havana Port.

Surrounding Attractions and Architectural Artistry

The namesake of the Alameda de Paula is the Paula Church, which was resurrected after being destroyed by storms in the early 1700s. The large domed roof at the back of the church is very reminiscent of churches in Spain, and the church leaps right out of the stone walkways of the promenade, giving it the grand presentation architecture buffs greatly admire. The Church puts on Baroque music concerts that include performances by talented Cuban symphony musicians.

Nearly an attraction in its own right, those who walk the Alameda de Paula will eventually find themselves at the biggest market in the country, the Almacenes de San José, which has craftworks available for sale for almost every niche one could think of. Travellers and locals alike flock to this market to purchase products from a large collection of vendors.

The perfect daytime stroll

Visitors to the area walk the promenade during the day with the sunrises and sunsets being the pinnacle moment for taking photos or simply enjoying the way the light looks on the water and accents the the stone work well. This will also help visitors prevent sunstroke from the extreme temperatures and UV light that are at their most intense midday.

Because the area is quiet, it is best to avoid walking the length of the promenade after dark. This is also a great time of day to observe the church due to its columns, facade, and dome being lit up with sunlight. Because the Alameda de Paula is an easy walk, visitors can spend as little or as much time as they like taking in its scenery and the attractions in the surrounding area.

One of many attractions in Old Havana, the Alameda de Paula is a great place to visit between large tours or long days filled with activity. This picturesque stone walkway can be a wonderful shift into relaxation mode due to its proximity to the sea, and the architecture of the attractions in the surrounding area is very eclectic and pays homage to the most popular styles of Europe while retaining the island feel through its respect for history and culture.

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