Josone Park

Sprawled out across nine hectares of lush parkland, the shaded grounds of Parque Josone offer a welcome retreat away from the bustle of Varadero's main road. Established in the 1940's by Jose Iturrioz and his wife Onelia, this beautiful public garden makes an ideal place to spend a relaxing few hours.

Situated in the heart of town, anyone visiting Varadero should add Parque Josone to their itinerary. Incredibly popular with tourists and locals alike, Parque Josone attracts around half a million visitors each year. As soon as you make your way inside its landscaped gardens, you’ll quickly realise why it’s such a hit.

The palm tree-lined pathways that wind through the grounds are great for serene strolls and admiring the tropical flowers dotted throughout the park. This tranquil sanctuary is also home to a variety of local birdlife, including resident communities of chickens, ducks, geese, swans and flamingos that all manage to get along with each other.

Many visitors are content with simply taking lazy walks through Parque Josone’s gardens. Others enjoy grabbing a bench, stretching out and watching the world go by. But if you do fancy getting a bit more active, there are no end of attractions to keep you well and truly occupied.

You can rent out a rowboat and take it out onto the park’s lake, or enjoy a soak in the cooling waters of the public swimming pool. There’s also a mini-golf course, a bowling alley, camel rides and a children’s playground. So if you wish to spend a whole day at Parque Josone, there’s plenty of entertainment beyond all that strolling and sunbathing.

You’re free to bring your own food and drink into the park so picnics are always an option. But rumbling stomachs can also be satisfied by the numerous eateries on offer. There are four restaurants to take your pick from, with a tempting selection of seafood, international, Italian and Creole cuisine. There’s also a little ice cream parlour to satisfy anyone with a bit of a sweet tooth.

Parque Josone also has a popular bar with a reputation for rustling up a pretty mean Piña Colada. These creamy concoctions are a heavenly way to cool off after all that time in the sun. It’s also worth noting that the park doesn’t close until midnight and there’s music playing here every evening - giving you plenty of incentives to hang around late into the night.

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