Museo Romantico

Once the colonial residence of Cuba's wealthy elite, Palacio Brunet is now the home of one of Cuba's most celebrated museums - Museo Romantico. Located in the historical heart of Trinidad, one place to visit is this beautiful property that houses an impressive selection of artwork, antique furniture, fine china and numerous other valuable treasures.

Dating back to the 18th century, Museo Romántico is housed in a grand colonial mansion located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Plaza Mayor (Trinidad’s historic centre). Also known as Palacio Brunet, it has been the residence of various wealthy Cuban families through the centuries. Originally built in 1740 as a one-storey property, a second floor was added in 1808. Then in 1973, the house was finally transformed into the popular museum that you see today.

At the time, Museo Romántico was the first museum in Trinidad and it still stands today as one of the town’s most loved. With its deep yellow painted façade, this aging colonial building is an eye-catching architectural gem and a suitably atmospheric location to showcase some of Cuba’s most fascinating historical pieces.

The mid-19th century was a time of prosperity in Cuba and Museo Romántico offers a fascinating glimpse into this affluent colonial period.

As you step inside the house, you’ll be met by a grand interior of marble floors, elegant chandeliers and intricately painted pillars. In total there are 14 rooms spread out across two floors including grand hallways, dining rooms, living spaces and elegant bedrooms. You’ll see a wide display of fine antiques that once furnished the homes of Trinidad’s wealthy elite. Among its many treasures, there’s an elegant selection of antique furniture, artwork, porcelain, glassware, silverware, a wonderful collection of fine china and numerous other period pieces.

Specific items worthy of mention include the Spanish brass bed and French cabinet which can be found in one of the property’s bedrooms and an elegant desktop in immaculate condition that dates back to the time of Maria Theresa of Austria.

There’s a 2 CUC entry fee into the museum and another 1 CUC if you wish to take photos. For an extra 1 CUC, you can hire an English speaking tour guide who will escort you around the museum. The tour lasts around 30 minutes and provides plenty of fascinating background information on the history of the property and the valuable artefacts found throughout.

Museo Romántico offers a wonderful insight into how Cuba’s rich and wealthy once lived, while the house itself is a beautiful place to explore. The upper balconies also offer wonderful views of the Plaza mayor – a great photo opportunity.

There’s plenty to see here for the casual tourist while art and history lovers will relish the opportunity to learn more about Cuba’s fascinating past.

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