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Born and raised in Cuba for half of my life, I feel strongly passionate about the nation that saw me come into the world and nourished my childhood and early teen years. With a father that had a job in the travel industry which required him and my family to travel abroad from early on, Cuba was always my returning point, my home, my roots and what I missed and longed for.

I live in the UK now and have done so since I turned 16 (although I first arrived here when I was 14) but I've never stopped travelling back and forth to see family in Cuba and keep strong ties with my homeland. I feel that now as Cuban-born British citizen who's had most of her late teenage schooling and university education in the UK; I have equally grown in both cultures and have been equally educated by both societies.

So, when it comes to writing about Cuba, I do so from a unique vantage point, as a Briton that understands what British travellers feel, what they seek or struggle to understand, what their interests are when it comes to visiting or learning about Cuba and what they are interested in getting to know about the island. I write about it all from a British perspective but with a Cuban soul or sometimes the other way around – like having a double identity with a firm background in both islands.

I’m the eternal go-between that never tires of going back and forth.

Susana Corona

Susana's Been There Done That

  • Got lost in a sugar cane field while sampling "guarapo"
  • Watched the sunset and sunrise from the Malecon on the same day
  • Sang along to some tunes from young amateur musicians in Calle G
  • Climbed "Pico Turquino" while attempting to salsa-dance my way up
  • Danced the night away in honour of the Orishas at a "santeria" house party

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  • 21 Feb 2019
  • Travel Story
Connecting Two Islands

Havana rises from its ashes in the lead-up to its 500th anniversary

A freak tornado may have torn through the city just a couple of weeks ago, but Havana, resilient as ever is already dusting off the dust and picking up the pieces. Especially when it has so much to celebrate and get ready for later on this year, which marks the 500th foundation of the city, a milestone birthday they want to celebrate with full pomp and flair.
  • 09 Jan 2019
  • Travel Advice
Connecting Two Islands

Hot in Cuba this January – Swan Lake, Jazz Plaza Festival, Trova Longina and more to come

As Cubans shake off the New Year hangover, the cultural calendar starts to slowly fill up again with events and activities. The year kicks off with a classic ballet performance at Havana’s Gran Teatro, followed by a trova music festival in Villa Clara, Matanzas and Trinidad as the perfect prelude to the month’s biggest event – the Jazz Plaza Festival, which this year will be celebrated in both Havana and Santiago de Cuba. More events will be revealed throughout the month as they are announced.
  • 19 Dec 2018
  • Travel Advice
Connecting two islands

A meal with a view at Club Cienfuegos, a grand palace overlooking the sea

A dreamlike structure seemingly arising from the sea, one of Cienfuegos' must-see attractions is also one of its must-try dining places. Most commonly known as the Yacht Club (though its official name now is Club Cienfuegos) this eclectic-style 1920 palace enjoys a privileged location overlooking the Jagua Bay. It's a great place to enjoy cooling cocktails as the sun melts over the waters.
  • 11 Dec 2018
  • Travel Advice
Connecting Two Islands

Hot in Cuba - Habana Film Festival, The Nutcracker, Havana in Concert, plenty of jazz jamming and month-long circus action

December is quite the big month in Cuba and despite what you might easily be led to think it has little to do with Christmas. This is the month the Cuban capital celebrates its annual film festival, one of Latin America’s oldest and most prestigious. This is the month that Cuban ballet companies take centre stage to delight audiences with winter classics and this is is the month that Cuba celebrates its biggest party - the nationwide New Year’s celebration - Let the merriment begin!
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