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This is a blog that helps travellers get to know more about the true Varadero that lies beneath the surface of glimmering white sands, turquoise waters and glamorous all-inclusive resorts. It offers readers more in-depth information about this popular destination with historical outlines and first-hand suggestions of places to visit -museums, restaurants, bars, hotels, national monuments, theme parks, recreational and leisure centres, as well as the natural attractions in the tourist triangle made up by the cities of Varadero - Cardenas - Matanzas. The hope is that, with the help of this blog, when you decide to stay in any of these destinations, you'll know what to do and where to go.

This blog is for all those travellers interested in visiting Cuba and particularly Varadero. This was the first tourist resort in Cuba and it still keeps intact some of the natural and historical values that have made tourists, journalists and historians call it "The most beautiful beach of the world" for over a century. Through all these years, celebrities like Christian Dior (who made the colour 'Varadero Blue' fashionable), the kings of Belgium and Spain, Federico Garcia Lorca, and many other well-known Cuban and foreign personalities have stayed there. Its proximity to Havana and its natural beauties attract thousands of tourists every year.

In spite of the amount of tours regularly made to Varadero, most tourists never get to know many of its treasures. They leave Varadero without discovering Cardenas and Matanzas, two neighbouring yet little-known cities one should not miss for their rich history, traditions and architectural marvels.

This blog invites you to learn about little-known details, curiosities and stories of Varadero, Cardenas and Matanzas. It is aimed at those who want to get something more than sand, sun and beach out of their holidays in Varadero. It makes suggestions of tours and attractions to see in these cities such as museums, restaurants, bars, hotels, local and national monuments, theme parks, recreational centres and natural attractions.


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