Cuba through UK travel experts' eyes: London writers and lifestyle bloggers

Linking the opinions of five expert travel bloggers from the UK through a blog mini-series exploring Cuba, the next few editions of this blog will be dedicating to exposing each of these experts' individual experiences and travel stories during their time in the island while contrasting them with my very own. Read on to find out more what you can look forward to in the next few blog posts to come as I introduce you to the London travel writers that went to Cuba and had something to say about it.

Cuba through UK travel experts' eyes: London writers and lifestyle bloggers

We at Cuba Holidays might love Cuba, and it’s no secret to anyone that I for one truly do, but me telling you why you should love it too doesn’t really make for impartial advice, which is why we thought it a good idea for you to read about Cuba from a more unbiased bunch of talented bloggers who are also well-seasoned travellers.

Reality can’t be fully drawn from one person’s perspective, it’s as diverse as there are people in this world and different to each person according to how they envision and experience it. So the solution to building a more solid idea of what the real Cuba is like, what you can really expect it to be beyond the typical clichés and over-used adjectives is to collect different opinions from different eyes and put them in contrast.

What the real Cuba is like

On our side, we bring a first-hand view of Cuba that stems from having been born and lived there ourselves. In my case I was born in Havana and lived in the city for half of my life, but then I moved to London and have been residing here for so long that I consider Britain an equally big part of my identity. So what I bring is an in-betweener approach from someone who is from and was raised in Cuba but who is also strongly defined by partly growing up in the UK. In a way, I’m like a bridge between the two cultures and two countries.

On the hand but also from our side, we have a team of Cuban bloggers who regularly write for us and which we frequently feature in different sections of our blogs. Their fresh and recent experiences are even more first-hand because they’re not only in Cuba at the time of writing, they’ve lived there for all their lives and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future with most of them having never travelled outside Cuba. That’s the group of collaborators that make up our in-team of Cuban bloggers, some of whom; if you follow our blog you might already be familiar with. We have Silvia Duran as our Food Junkie, Maria C Ceballos as our Salsa Expert, Ernesto Alvarez as the Passionate Historian, Marcel Lueiro as our Music Expert, Michel Contreras as our Chief Sportsman, Ely Milan as our Senior Storyteller, Carmen Romero as our Family Juggler and Alejandro Malagon as our Avid Adventurer and Nature Explorer. Quite an in-house team indeed!

I'm like a bridge between the two cultures and two countries

Then we have yet another kind of Cuban bloggers who have featured in our blog more recently but usually on a one-off basis. These are Cubans who also write from the island but who do so independently. They each have their individual blogs written in Spanish and how we connect with them is through an out-reach blog series titled “Cuba through her bloggers’ eyes” where we translate one of their original pieces that we believe to be of great value or interest to our English readers. In the past we’ve done so with Giselle Morales’s Journey to Tope de Collantes and Negra Cubana’s 8 Reasons you shouldn’t go to Cuba.

So, all in all, at Cuba Holidays we have so far represented three different groups of individual bloggers who each write about Cuba from their unique perspective…but what about the foreign side? What about the UK bloggers? That’s the fourth group we were missing and that’s where we wanted to fill the gap with this new blog series, providing the ultimate comparison between the Cuban side and the British side. Read on to find out more.

The Cuba bloggers from the UK

Who had all visited Cuba in recent years

For the first time we wanted to give space in our blog to expert independent travellers from the UK who have their own blog and who had all visited Cuba in recent years. But we didn’t just want to pick one of their blog pieces on Cuba to share them here; instead we wanted to ask them a few common questions and see how each of their individual experiences in the island differed, compared and contrasted. Where they agreed and where they diverged.

It also sometimes happens that independent travel bloggers are sometimes too encased within the confines of their own blog and hardly get to contrast their opinions with that of other fellow travel bloggers who have been to the same destination. After blogging about their impressions on a place they visit, it is often the case that their opinions and tales remain isolated from that of similar travelling peers who have been to the same places and have a different angle and spin on what they’ve seen.

We'll be interviewing a number of lifestyle and travel bloggers from London

So, in order to create a bridge linking independent bloggers' different experiences on Cuba and expose them side by side while contrasting them with our own, the idea for this new blog collection I'm introducing now was born.

To compare our vision of Cuba with that of UK-based well-seasoned travel experts who have also been to the island, we came up with a sort of blog mini-series in which we’ll be interviewing a number of lifestyle and travel bloggers from London and asking them a few questions about their experiences in Cuba; how they viewed the country from each of their individual perspectives and how getting there in the first place contributed to enriching their personal travelling journeys. What impact did Cuba have on how they viewed the world? What were the impressions they got from its people? Did the recent hype about Cuba ultimately live up to their expectations?

These are all real travel experts

The five people selected for these series have been chosen after filtering through a list of some main criteria points:

  1. They each run and write their own travel blog.
  2. They are well-travelled individuals and therefore have a certain position of authority when it comes to the world of travel.
  3. They all have been to Cuba.

In our eyes these are all real travel experts that most people can relate to and we wanted to contrast our opinions of Cuba with theirs to create a richer debate on the of this up-and-coming destination that seems to be on everyone’s lips ever since that fateful announcement of the reestablishment of diplomatic ties between Cuba and the U.S.

Over the next five blog posts I'll be introducing you to five expert bloggers

Through this blog series we'll be looking to find parallel opinions among them all, where they coincide, where they differ, where one of them touches on something that no one else has exposed or pondered on before and, ultimately, whether we, as Cuba experts ourselves, agree or disagree with their angle on different Cuban topics and aspects.

Over the next five blog posts I'll be introducing you to five expert bloggers and seasoned travellers from London, all real travel experts in their own right, writing from different angles and appealing to different audiences and tastes.

Inspiring and personal travel blogs to luxury lifestyle blogs

They host everything from inspiring and personal travel blogs to luxury lifestyle blogs and even a travel journal with a twist, exploring tourism's most macabre side (quite exciting wouldn't you agree?) so their opinions are as varied and diverse as are their outtakes on life. Want to read more? Watch this space in the next few days as we get started with the first blog in the series: Catherine.

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