Six bars to drink in the best Havana views

This post lists 6 bars with great views of Havana. Bars in which you can wet your whistle in a special place while having the city at your feet. The top list of amazing sea and city views. To me, these are places you cannot miss if you are passing by or in holidays in Havana; special places to stop after walking down the city and get the most out of your holidays.

Six bars to drink in the best Havana views

Some of the great things to enjoy in Havana are the views, so when I go to a bar I prefer those in special locations. In this post, I want to share my list of bars with the best views of Havana; places where you can get lost in the infinity of the sea or in the unique architecture of the city.

  1. La Torre Bar

    The undisputed king of Havana

    La Torre Bar: the undisputed king of Havana

    Par excellence, this is the one of the best views of Havana city. From the 33rd floor of Focsa Building, the tallest in Havana, you can look down over a vast and beautiful Havana, and on the other side, the endless sea: the most precious gift for those who live in an island.

    La Torre's interior decor is inconspicuous, but the best part is to the outside, Havana at your feet… as Fito Páez song goes.

    I strongly suggest you go in the afternoon, the magical time; although any time in daylight is great. The night is also a good time to see the city under a starry sky, but you will miss the sea view.

    There, I prefer to have a chic drink like a Martini or a Cosmopolitan. I think they go well with its views.

    It is an ideal place for romance: the views help with a little push. You only have to let yourself be carried away.

  2. Azucar!!!

    An encounter between modern and old times

    Azucar: an encounter between modern and old times

    This is a pretty new place which I have included in my hotlist of the city: La Plaza Vieja (a.k.a The Old Plaza). From its balconies, you can watch a wonderfully restored square; the perfect combination of life and restoration in Old Havana.

    Every time of the day the view shows its own charms: in daylight, the unceasing daily life, the constant going and coming of people through the plaza; in the evening, it´s more peaceful under the cosy yellowish-brown lights; at night, quietness under the lighting of the lamp posts.

    The bar´s decoration is very modern, making contrast with the centuries of history surrounding it. I do love that! I was also impressed by the service and the presentation of the drinks. Their Piña Colada is making its way to fame!

  3. The Magic Flute

    A place to enjoy yourself

    The Magic Flute: a place to enjoy yourself

    Located on the 10th floor of a beautiful building in Havana, very close to the recently opened American Embassy, this is one of the best setups in the last few years: The Magic Flute (although I, like many people, prefer to call it its Spanish name – La Flauta Mágica).

    The views and spaces are astonishing, mainly, the terrace that overlooks Malecon and allows you to enjoy the easternmost skyline of the city. It has a big swimming pool with all the necessary furniture and facilities to relax and have a good time. The lighting design for creating different ambiance is also amazing.

    The drinks list is very wide. Beside the offer of a wide range of all kinds of drinks, they prepare many national, international and author cocktails. A list hard to choose from!

  4. Santy Restaurant

    With the river in the background

    Santy Restaurant: with the river in the background

    Although it is known as a restaurant rather than a bar, you can enjoy it either way. It has an unusual view you shouldn´t miss in a little-known and not much frequented site of the city. From its simple terrace facing Jaimanitas River you can watch the fishing boats (including Santy´s, the owner of the place).

    Consequently, it is not surprising that the specialty of the house be seafood and Japanese food. It is one of the few places in Havana where you can taste sushi.

    Therefore, I recommend you sit on a tabouret and ask for some sushi, accompanied by a white or sparkling wine, or a very clod light beer. I´m sure you will love it.

  5. The gardens of Hotel Nacional de Cuba

    A truly exceptional place

    The gardens of Hotel Nacional: A truly exceptional place

    There is no doubt that the sea makes all the difference for those who live in this country. That´s why I´m always partial to places where you can enjoy the view of the sea.

    If we add to it some bits of history, some internationally-famed characters and the greenness of the plants, we will understand why the gardens of the National Hotel are such a wonderful place.

    You would sit in one of its benches or chairs for hours, just filling yourself up with the sea breeze. Much to your luck, the service is excellent and the Mojitos are out of the ordinary.

  6. El Polvorin

    On the other side of the bay

    El Polvorin: On the other side of the bay

    Located in the Morro Castle (better say below it), this place has another one of my favourite views, an uncommon one: the magnificence of Havana from the other side of the bay.

    From a XII century fortress, the largest of the Americas in its time, you can enjoy the view of the whole skyline of Havana as well as the port and, if you are lucky, the entrance of a ship.

    The offer is standard light food and simple drinks: Mojito, Cuba Libre and the like. The amazing part of the visit lies across the sea.

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