The Ultimate Cuban Adventure

Even the most ambitious travellers will be impressed by this incredible full-day excursion, which incorporates both the most stunning landscape on the island and tours the birthplace of its most famous leader, Fidel Castro.

Travel through land, air and sea to see the most incredible sights of Cuba

This full-day tour is a heart-stopping blend of the historical and the natural, making it perfect for anyone hungry for all that Cuba has to offer. Originating at Guardalavaca and kicking off with a 25-minute helicopter flight, you'll leave this experience with stories galore.

The magical island

It may be hard to leave the cerulean skies, but when your helicopter ride is finished you'll find yourself on Cayo Saetia, an island that is widely considered Cuba's most incredible natural reserve. Here you'll see an amazing array of wildlife including antelopes, deer and exotic animals. Take it all in as you horseback ride around this virginal jungle.

Breathtaking views

Your journey will then take you to the plateau of Pinares de Mayari, where you'll have the opportunity to look across the Nipe-Cristal mountain region from a breathless 600 meters above sea level. Observe the crystalline rivers as you drive past them on a safari truck ride through a beautiful pine forest and past cascading waterfalls.

From the top of Cuba's most impressive waterfall, you'll have the opportunity to take panoramic photographs of a landscape you'll never forget.

A coffee lover's dream

On the way back to the hotel you'll visit the local La Plancha coffee farm, where you'll see the workers there make Cuban coffee as only they can.

You'll then make a stop at Biran, the small town that gave rise to the country's most famous man: Fidel Castro. Here you'll learn about the place where he grew up and even visit the house where he lived as a child in this lush and leafy area.

Enjoy some of the world's most incredible scenery as you make your way back to the hotel, soaking up the sights of some of the country's most picturesque villages from the backseat of a chauffeured Jeep.

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Catamaran and Dolphins in Guardalavaca

Catamaran and Dolphins in Guardalavaca

This unmissable tour combines two of the most memorable and exciting sea experiences that Guardalavaca has to offer. Snorkel through coral reefs populated by some of the sea's most beautiful fish before plunging into the water with a school of friendly dolphins. This one single day on the Cuban coast will provide you with countless memories to be forever treasured.

Discover Colonial Cuba - a Trip to Trinidad

Discover Colonial Cuba - a Trip to Trinidad

With many features fully preserved from colonial times, Trinidad is dripping with charm and history. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988, here you can wander through streets lined with colonial architecture and truly feel like you're back in the early 19th century.

Discover Cuba's Most Caribbean City - Santiago Overnight

Discover Cuba's Most Caribbean City - Santiago Overnight

Santiago is the perfect place to spend a night before continuing on your Cuban adventure. The range of activities available is staggering, and our travel advisers will provide you with an itinerary sure to leave you with incredible lasting memories.

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