Jungle Tour: Speed Boats Ride

Adrenaline junkies and nature lovers alike will adore this expedition, which kicks off with a speed boat tour through the crystalline waters off Cuba's northern coast. Round off your adventure by grabbing a snorkel and meeting the beautiful aquatic creatures thriving under the Caribbean sea.

This half-day tour is a thrilling way to take in the lush lagoons and mysterious mangroves of Cuba's stunning coast

It may be hard to imagine ever tiring of the brilliantly white beaches of Caya Coco, but if you're craving some excitement, this speed boat tour is just the ticket.

On this half-day adventure you'll start by hopping on a speed boat and zooming through the incredibly lush and beautiful mangrove channels and marshes of Cayo Guillermo. You may recognise the name of this area, which is connected to Cayo Coco by a man-made causeway, from the Ernest Hemingway book Islands in the Stream - it was one of the author's favourite places in the world to fish, and you'll certainly be able to see why he loved it so.

Cayo Guillermo is now an environmentally protected area, so keep your eye out for some amazing wildlife as you zoom past the coral key.

Nature lovers will be thrilled to spot a number of bird and marine species that call this area home. As you zip in and out of jungle foliage, keep your eyes peeled for flocks of bright pink flamingos, graceful herons and egrets, comical pelicans and a riot of other wildlife.

There's more to this experience than bird watching, however, you'll also have the opportunity to don your snorkel and experience the truly magical world under Cuba's sea. During this incredible portion of the tour you could see barracuda, parrot fish, lobsters, stingrays and even nurse sharks going about their business amongst the incredible beauty of this Atlantic coral reef.

You'll have the opportunity to enjoy the crystal clear water, beautifully lush jungle and incredible wildlife that make this part of the world so idyllic. All of the equipment you need is provided; just bring a love of nature and a sense of adventure.

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Coral Reef Snorkelling - Cuba's Underwater Beauty

Coral Reef Snorkelling - Cuba's Underwater Beauty

Cayo Coco on the northern coast is a great place to snorkel for both beginners and more experienced divers. It's a paradisiacal location with a stunning 10 kilometre wide fine white sand beach and a warm and inviting turquoise blue sea.

Havana Overnight from Cayo Coco

Havana Overnight from Cayo Coco

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Jamaica Day Trip from Cayo Coco

Jamaica Day Trip from Cayo Coco

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