Catamaran and Dolphins in Guardalavaca

This unmissable tour combines two of the most memorable and exciting sea experiences that Guardalavaca has to offer. Snorkel through coral reefs populated by some of the sea's most beautiful fish before plunging into the water with a school of friendly dolphins. This one single day on the Cuban coast will provide you with countless memories to be forever treasured.

Swim with dolphins, snorkel with exotic fish and have your breath stolen by the gorgeous coastline on a magical voyage

As the day breaks gloriously above sparkling Guardalavaca, you board the catamaran. This elegant vessel will be your home for the day, taking you on an expedition of unmatched beauty, soothing tranquillity and astounding natural sights. The boat jets off, cutting gracefully through the deep blue. You unwind on the deck and top up your tan.

You have been looking forward to this tour since you arrived in Guardalavaca, and with good reason. No other day-out can offer its memorable combination of unique activities and relaxation.

The catamaran winds its way down the coastline, presenting breathtaking views of unspoiled, exotic beaches. The only thing that would make this more perfect is a refreshing beverage with which to truly savour the moment. It's good, then, that your Catamaran's all-inclusive bar is open throughout the trip. You grab a tall cold drink and a snack to enjoy as the boat turns smoothly out to sea.

Soon you are in the open water, surrounded on all sides by the most gorgeous varieties of fish you have ever seen. You excitedly throw on your snorkel and dive in, before spending leisurely hours of wonder discovering the dazzling coral reefs.

Back on the boat, you find it hard to imagine anything could top your vivid underwater exploration. The next stop in Bahia Del Naranjo, however, does just that. At this open sea aquarium, you'll be plunging into the water for an up-close and personal experience with the sea's most beautiful, intelligent and mystic creature: the dolphin.

For 15 exhilarating minutes, you swim and play with a school of these extraordinary mammals. They welcome you to their water kingdom with their famed warmth and enthusiasm, smothering you with kisses before leading you through the crystal clear water. They even carry you on their powerful noses as you surf across the surface. Even in the dreamlike wonder of the moment, you know it is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

Finally, you sit down for your all-inclusive lunch. Bountiful dishes are served, with the very finest lobster the local waters have to offer, and tropical vegetables and fruit salads that bring even more life to the lunch. As you dig in, you wonder if there is a more perfect way to end this most perfect day, enjoying the best of the Cuban coast.

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Go Swimming With the Dolphins

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