Discover Colonial Cuba - a Trip to Trinidad

With many features fully preserved from colonial times, Trinidad is dripping with charm and history. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988, here you can wander through streets lined with colonial architecture and truly feel like you're back in the early 19th century.

Experience colonial Cuba's nature and history during this complete tour of Trinidad

This trip starts in the morning, as there's simply so much to pack in. Lunch is also provided in a restaurant during the tour.

The day begins with a short flight from Holguin to Trinidad, and the first stop on the tour will be at the El Cubano Natural Park. This is a great spot for nature lovers, as you will follow the Cimarrones de Javira walking trail through the park, at 250m above sea level. The trek ends at the peaceful Salto de Javira waterfall, where you can choose to simply take in the tranquillity, or swim in the natural pool at the base of the fall.

The next stop is the Romantic Museum, where a brilliant collection of fine arts is housed within 14 rooms. The museum recreates a colonial house from the period of 1830 - 1860, complete with furniture, decoration, silverware and even jewellery from this time.

From here, another fine museum; Cantero Palace, where you will view archaeological remains from the early indigenous people of the region and learn about Cuba's history since then. There are exhibitions that detail the slave trade and booming sugar cane industry, Spanish colonialisation and subsequent independence, and many other key moments in history. There is a chance to keep the memories by shopping for traditional handicrafts in the market here.

Finally, this superb trip is rounded off by a visit to the Valley of the Sugar Mills. Here you can climb the Manaca Iznaga Tower to take in breathtaking views across Trinidad. Land owners used to use this tower to ensure no slaves were escaping, but today, if you have any space on your memory card, this will be the spot to take some stunning pictures across the valley to remember this tour by.

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Catamaran and Dolphins in Guardalavaca

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Discover Cuba's Most Caribbean City - Santiago Overnight

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Go Swimming With the Dolphins

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