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Discover what makes Cuba an intrinsically romantic nation and let it seduce you with its irresistible magnetism and inherent passion.

Cuba has a special, undeniable romantic touch that few can resist. The element of romance in Cuba runs far deeper and beyond the allure of tropical sun-kissed beaches and idyllic keys - from the passionate attitude of fun-loving locals to jaw-droppingly beautiful architecture, sleepy towns that time forgot and a revolutionary zest for life, Cuba is definitely a destination to fall in love with as much as with each other. Find out just what you and your partner can look forward to on a romantic holiday to Cuba.

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Cuba holidays for couples

There are few other places in the world that can be as idyllic and romantic as Cuba, and we're not just saying it because of the endless beaches the country is already quite famous for, nor for the many uninhabited, paradisiacal keys that rival the pristine isles of the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. Beyond that there's much more to Cuba. Yes, it has all of that inherent natural beauty and tropical allure, but so do many other Caribbean destinations. What sets Cuba apart is that, on top of it all, it also has a distinctive cultural, historical, architectural and natural landscape that makes it an even more alluring destination for loved-up couples in search of something unique, revolutionary, quirky and incredibly exciting to fall in love with together.

There's the romance of the vintage 1950s remnants - the classic cars still roaming the streets, the famous cabaret shows - and there's the eclectic array of architectural styles that range from colonial to neo-classical, baroque and some of the finest elements of Art Deco in the Americas. There's also the romantic ideals upheld by the revolution and the legacy of iconic inspiring figures such as Che Guevara, all of which add to another dimension of romance. Of course we cannot (and should not) forget the seductive hip-swaying rhythms you can learn to dance together in Cuba; the birthplace of some of the world's most hypnotising music genres and dances. Music in Cuba is another art of seduction, and what could add a more romantic touch to a couple's holiday?

It was for a reason that one of the many iconic vintage campaigns, famously collected by Vicki Gold Levi and Steven Heller with the slogan "Visit Cuba, The Land of Romance", proved very successful, as the island epitomises, evokes and exudes love through every pore. The combination of idyllic shores, scenic landscapes and a pulsating, captivating culture at the core of it all, help distinguish it as a place like no other. Cubans themselves are hopeless romantics, so just by being surrounded by their incredibly intoxicating flair; you will feel carried away by their innate passion.

Cuba is not another cookie-cutter reproduction of a Caribbean paradise. It's a unique place with distinct character, a strong idendity and inimitable charm. It's in short, a place to fall in love with as much as the ideal place to fall in love in. There couldn't be a more enthralling backdrop or scenario to a romantic getaway. Take our word for it, there's nothing else in the world quite like it.

The timeless romantic allure of Havana

Havana, the old and the new, the touched and the virtually untouched; is a magical place that has changed very little over the last half century.

As a couple you'll love to explore every nook and cranny of the city while making exciting discoveries at every turn. Havana has something to charm and enchant everyone, especially lovers seeking a touch of romance.

You could be perusing old artefacts, exquisite vintage furniture and quirky contemporary Cuban art at a traditional barber shop in the quaint neighbourhood of Santo Angel in Old Havana and feel as though you've stepped back fifty years or more in time. Or, you could be walking down the long Malecon seawall promenade, feeling the salty breeze on your skin, admiring the contrasting views between beautifully restored pieces of architecture and crumbling old buildings succumbing to the bashing of the saltpetre. It's a sight to behold and one that inspires many a photographer. And what better than your other half to smile next to you in that prized selfie?

As your eyes wander from brightly coloured colonial edifications to more run-down yet still majestic buildings; you will be gasping in awe at the irresistible air of nostalgia it all exudes. In most of the streets in Havana you'll find that unavoidable mix of old and new, all deeply embedded in an unmistakable touch of romanticism.

Wherever you find yourself in Havana you're almost guaranteed to be surrounded by elements that add to the whole romantic feel that's intrinsic to the island and the islanders.

But if you're in search of a way to spend a romantic evening in the city then the Malecon is a good start. As dusk sets in and the sky becomes a blurry kaleidoscope of colours blending into the horizon, there's no better place to watch the sun sinking into the sea than the Malecon seawall. That, together with the constant stream of musical notes flowing from street musicians and amateur troubadours, sets the mood for an evening of romance. No wonder it's the number one place for lovers in the capital to woo and be wooed.

The music spilling from many cafes and bars in the narrow cobblestone streets of Old Havana can also add to a special evening out. You could be watching a couple of professional dancers moving to a lively salsa tune or you could join in the fun and try a few steps together. If there is a place for rising to the occasion and letting your creative, passionate self come out of its shell, that's Cuba.

Havana is also home to Cuba's richest collection of boutique hotels, some famous for their level of bespoke luxury and striking design like the Saratoga (where famous celebrities couples like Beyonce and Jay-Z stayed) while others stand out for their quirky appeal or their rich historical value. Whether it's a former grand colonial mansion converted into a hotel whilst in-keeping its original layout, design and decor with authentic vintage furniture, or a modernised, fully renovated colonial palace with sleek shiny new interiors - they all tie in with the idea of romance.

Colonial romanticism at its best

Havana is not the only place where you can step back in time and walk through immaculately preserved streets lined by stunning pieces of colonial architecture. Beyond the historical centre of Old Havana, Cuba is dotted with other colonial gems, just as enticing and awe-inspiring. This is the case of UNESCO-listed beauties like Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Camaguey.

Yes, Old Havana with its cobblestone streets and pretty pastel-coloured colonial houses is the picture that most people have in their minds when they think of colonial Cuba, but actually many of the famous photographs of colonial streets that people would identify with being Cuban are of Trinidad.

Encapsulated in its own protective bubble for centuries, almost completely unaffected by the passage of time, Trinidad is a living piece of history with exquisite art collections. This small sleepy town is the perfect embodiment of romance and couples here will feel lulled into a sense of nostalgia. After all it is home to a very aptly named Romantic Museum, a beautiful palace exhibiting exquisite colonial furniture and immaculately preserved art pieces and antiques.

But Trinidad, despite being the finest and most famous example of untouched colonial beauty is not the only one either. You have pretty colonial cities like Cienfuegos and Camaguey, both with stunning historic centres that have been listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites and both with beautiful beaches and beach resort areas so that couples can mix history and culture with sun-soaking and beach-basking.

Less trodden but with an equal romantic appeal, the small town of Remedios is legendary for being one of the oldest (possibly older than Trinidad since its actual foundation date is unknown) and most legendary of places in Cuba, famous for their carnival-like festival known as Parrandas, possibly the Caribbean's largest and oldest public celebration of its kind. Taking place towards the end of December each year and with beautiful firework displays brightly exploding over the course of several nights, it's one of the most exciting and romantic festivals to enjoy with your other half in Cuba.

Romantic paradisiacal hideaways

Cuba has over 4195 offshore keys and tiny isles surrounding the crocodile shaped mainland. Whilst the vast majority of these remain uninhabited and untouched, a few are home to world-class hotels and resorts offering luxury accommodation and indulgent escapes for adults only.

Of these Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Largo del Sur are the most popular and most developed for tourism; as they have the highest number of luxury resorts and the widest variety of accommodation options for all budgets. Virtually all of these operate on an all-inclusive basis and some of them have been designed with couples in mind as exclusive properties for adults-only.

But don't let the fact that some of these keys are developed fool you into thinking that development has spoilt their pristine state as all of these are protected natural areas, home to endemic species such as flamingos, pelicans and turtles. In the case of Cayo Largo del Sur you, the two most beautiful beaches in the ky (Playa Sirena and Playa Paraiso) don't allow any development around them and you can find long stretches of sand that you can have all to yourself without any hotel disturbing the natural landscape or any glimpse or civilisation spoiling the castaway feel. It is in fact one of the few places in Cuba where you can go "au naturel" and bathe in the nude... most likely you won't see anyone around as metres and metres of isolated sands stand between you and the next person (that is if you can indeed spot anyone in the horizon, which is unlikely).

Some smaller lesser known keys are slowly starting to receive more attention and gathering tourist interest. Such is the case for the keys off the province of Villa Clara: Cayo Ensenachos and Cayo Las Brujas. The first is home to just one single luxury resort, the Iberostar Cayo Ensenachos, while the latter, the smallest of the two has a full-service marina and diving centre and provides more humble, yet charming village style accommodation.

But if what you are truly after is barefoot romance without any added luxury and you're up for some amazing scuba diving adventures, then the rustic, cottage-style accommodation of Cayo Levisa will be paradise on earth. Located on Cuba's westernmost point, lying just off the province of Pinar del Rio, this key is well-known for its spectacular snorkelling and diving sites along the Colorados Archipelago Coral Reef, which is famous for its black coral. The accommodation on wooden huts is basic but enchanting, enough to cover the bare necessities and create the right ambience for a castaway island romance.

If you want a romantic island hideaway escape Cuba offers you plenty of choice. At the many all-inclusive resorts in Cuba's pristine keys, there are further facilities to enhance the element of romance; from spa treatments for couples to romantic dinners on the beach, scenic horseback riding and more. In short, Cuba offers plenty of luxury for indulging moments together.

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Cuba All Inclusive Holidays

Cuba All Inclusive Holidays

The sultry climate and breathtaking scenery of Cuba makes it a top destination for a classic Caribbean getaway - a completely relaxing holiday where every detail is taken care of for you. Take your pick of the best all-inclusive beach hotels in Varadero, Cayo Coco and Cayo Santa Maria or sample more than one location on a twin-centre holiday and you can enjoy amazing facilities all included in the price.

Unique Havana Holidays

Unique Havana Holidays

Havana exudes time-worn charm and character - from the crumbling Art Deco and Spanish colonial architecture of its skyline to the lively culture, cafes and dance halls found in its streets. A fusion of influences has sparked magic, creating music and dance found nowhere else. And a truly unique, paradoxical history woven into the very fabric of the city makes it a destination in its own right.

Cuba Beach Holidays

Cuba Beach Holidays

Silky-soft sand lapped by iridescent blue water and warm sunshine streaming through tufted palms gently swaying in the tropic breeze - it's the archetypal Caribbean dream - and it really exists in Cuba. There are beaches here to suit everyone - check into a private enclave on a pristine sandy bay or book a beautiful retreat on one of Cuba's Seychelles-style coral cays, stay in a quirky seaside town with a distinctly Cuban feel or choose a classic Caribbean all-inclusive holiday.

Cuba Honeymoon Packages

Cuba Honeymoon Packages

Cuba has a special, undeniable romantic touch that few can resist. The element of romance in Cuba runs far deeper and beyond the allure of tropical sun-kissed beaches and idyllic keys - from the passionate attitude of fun-loving locals to jaw-droppingly beautiful architecture, sleepy towns that time forgot and a revolutionary zest for life, Cuba is definitely a destination to fall in love with as much as with each other. Find out just what you and your partner can look forward to on a romantic holiday to Cuba.

Cuba Dance Holidays

Cuba Dance Holidays

Master the art of Salsa in Cuba and step into a world of smooth moves, intoxicating rhythms and hip-swinging nightlife that will enhance your experience on the island and give you a real insight into its warm and vibrant culture. From the capital Havana to the thriving beach resort of Varadero, travellers can find sensational Salsa instructors and sizzling dance spots throughout the country.

Cuba Family Holidays

Cuba Family Holidays

Swim with dolphins, discover other-worldly landscapes, explore historic castles or ride in vintage cars and steam trains - just a few of the many exciting activities on offer in this incredibly child-friendly destination. With calm, clear waters, marvellous beaches and plenty of all-inclusive hotels, Cuba is the ideal place for a tropical family getaway.

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