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From the most iconic sites to hidden routes off the beaten path, we cover all of Cuba. Whatever you want to do or see in the island, we can take you there.

We've got all of Cuba covered, the entire island, from end to end, from tip to bottom. So in case you want to visit more than one particular Cuban destination because you're planning to stay for two or more weeks during your trip to Cuba, you'll find some useful recommendations in this space, and if not, you might be inspired by so many other options you hadn't considered before. Whichever the case we can take you anywhere in Cuba, so start exploring now.

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Cuba is a rich and diverse country with many exciting destinations to be explored. This multi-faceted Caribbean nation is unique in more than one way and the best way to get a grip with its culture, its people, its past and its present, is by seeing all of it, or as much of it as you can. Of course, doing a journey through all of Cuba, stopping at every province, might seem unfeasible for most due to the time it would take and perhaps the lack of infrastructure in some regions of the country. But there are Cuba highlights one can see on a one-week or two-week multi-centre holiday (or longer if you want) which perfectly tie together a variety of contrasting experiences to give a truer, fuller Cuban experience.

This is where we are true specialists limited only by your imagination. Thanks to the decades-long strong relationship we have with our partners in Cuba, we can work closely with them to give you the full Cuban experience you want and take you where no other tour operator specialising in Cuba has taken anyone before.

cuban country landscape

Cuba is a destination so rich and varied in many aspects that those who really want to get to know her won’t have enough with the average beach break or the typical but very limited twin-centre holiday to Havana and Varadero. Of course, once in Havana or Varadero there are many excursions provided locally that you can book straight from your hotel’s tourist desk (or by speaking directly with your Cuba Holidays representative in the island) that can take you to see nearby cities and attractions for a day or two, and this is always an option if you want to see more of Cuba but not make drastic changes to your holiday itinerary.

But when you want the freedom of exploring exactly what you want to see of Cuba and you can’t find it in any of our packaged holidays or at any of the local tour desks in the place you stay, you have three options: arrange travel throughout the island independently by hiring a car and venturing into Cuba’s little-serviced roads, keep your sense of adventure but explore more safely and in much better comfort with one of our all-encompassing Cuba tours or go for a tailor-made one created just for you.

If you don’t fall into any of the categories we’ve listed in our array of Cuba Experiences, or if you fall in all of them and you want to get every experience possible, then we’re here to tell you that you can do it all and much more, as we can cook up something special with your exact needs and wants in mind.

Covering the depth and breadth of Cuba

cuba cienfuegos parque marti main square

Cuba may look small to the naked eye, but as the largest island in the Caribbean, its length of 1,250 kilometres can’t be covered in a week, not if you plan to stop at every province and see some of it. But very few people have such ambitious plans when visiting Cuba, even the most curious visitors touring around the island hardly stop at more than four to five destinations. You can, of course, see all of Cuba and stop at everyone of its 15 provinces if you want, but not every nook and cranny is as worth it as some others.

We’d generally say that by seeing seven to eight provinces you’ll be getting a good overall picture and a very well-rounded experience of Cuba that few other tourists get to see. Seeing more than that may overwhelm you and might make your trip too long without providing anything extra. But, hey, if you have the time and the keenness to see it all, then we’d applaud your thirst for Cuba and try to accommodate you as best as we can.

Planning a journey around Cuba independently

It’s a very brave, very risky (some Cubans might even say "outright stupid" thing to do) to hire or rent a car and drive yourself around Cuba when you have little real hands-on knowledge of the island’s troublesome roads. As much as it could prove a personally gratifying challenge and give you a certain sense of freedom, it could also prove extremely troubling and disappointing.

cuba havana street with old car

Many roads in Cuba are virtually impossible to drive through, most are poorly serviced and you’ll never see potholes in your life like the ones you’ll find in Cuba. There’s poor signage and very few road indications, the lack of public signs giving you directions will prove very confusing and frustrating …and, once you take to the roads beyond Havana and other main city centres, you may have trouble finding gas stations and repair centres along the way, as these are spaced far between. There’s also no GPS in Cuba, and relying on maps might drive you crazy.

But if you’re keen of doing it all on your own, then for your own safety and enjoyment we’d recommend hiring a local guide to drive you through the island and make stops wherever you want. Nowadays there are private car drivers you can hire online before getting there. The Cuban entrepreneurs behind self-made companies like put you in direct contact with up to three drivers who will each give you quotes on your planned itinerary - you can meet them and exchange emails before you arrive, make last minute changes and ask questions. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ll be giving your money straight to hard-working Cubans and their families.

Ready-made tours through all of Cuba – your options

cuba trinidad plaza mayor square

For most people arranging independent travel is a incredibly time-consuming task, more so when it comes to Cuba where tourist infrastructure is limited in many places and not being able to communicate in Spanish might prove a barrier in some areas. There’s also the fact many aspects of an independently-planned holiday aren’t fully tied in until you arrive in Cuba and that carries a degree of uncertainty.

If you want you to enjoy and embrace Cuba in the most carefree way possible, check our ready-made tours. We have selection of tours perfectly encompassing the best and richest destinations in Cuba in terms of culture, history and natural biodiversity, and by selecting one of these the whole planning process is as easy and as straightforward as doing a few clicks or giving us a quick phone call.

All of our ready-made tours of Cuba have been pre-selected based on our insider’s knowledge of the island and what we know most people don’t want to miss when attempting to get the best overall picture of Cuba. All of them include qualified English-speaking tour guides, return flights and quality accommodation (which can be upgraded or modified as you wish).

What kind of traveller are you?

kid having fun at a cuban beach

For music lovers and salsa fans

Combining sightseeing and beach basking with non-stop salsa dancing, we have one strictly dancing tour where you’ll not only be receiving salsa lessons, but you’ll also get to show them off at a variety of Havana’s hottest dancing venues. Our La Habana en Vivo tour will have you enjoying salsa lessons from the best teachers at the "Academia del Baile Ritmo Cubano" with fantastic breaks in between giving you valuable culture immersions.

In between lessons you’ll have a chance to get to know the city with a city tour around Old Havana, its historic centre, the Revolution Square (Plaza de la Revolucion) and the scenic Christopher Columbus Cemetery. Your evenings will be occupied with more dancing as you take to the stage in various dancing hotspots around the city. As part of the tour you also visit dancing community projects and you’ll have plenty of time between lessons to explore on your own.

If you want to enjoy the music and the dancing with a longer stay, seeing more of Cuba and experiencing the music scene in other cities beyond Havana, then you can opt for another tour. This one doesn’t include lessons (although we can custom-make one for you that does) and with it you’ll be dancing freestyle through the streets of the island, starting off in Havana, moving on to Trinidad, dancing your way to Camaguey, moving to the conga in Santiago de Cuba and finishing off in Havana again.

The capital will show the upbeat atmosphere of the habaneros, as you listen to music emanating from houses on the street. Once in Trinidad you’ll enjoy a live Cuban dance show and a salsa-dancing class before it’s time to shake your feathers at the famous disco inside a cave - unless you opt for witnessing a dazzling cabaret show.

In addittion, Camaguey will show you the discipline, years of tradition and excellence of the Ballet de Camaguey company. Here you will get a tour of the ballet school and be treated to a live performance from these sublime artists. Before returning to Havana, Santiago de Cuba will be your last call, where you’ll enjoy a moving performance by a traditional Cuban band, take to the stage with salsa-dancing professionals and get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of recording a song in a professional music studio!

There are more alternative tours and local excursions involving music and dancing in Cuba, this is just a general idea of the things you can expect on some of them. You can, of course, create your own and let us know how to custom-make the experience for you.

For history buffs and culture enthusiasts

This is where you’ll find the most variety of ready-made tours with the most ample variety of duration. As Cuba is so big and the legacy of its history is virtually everywhere, you’d actually have a hard time finding a tour of Cuba that doesn’t include some element of culture and history already built into it. In most cases, even the tours specialising in nature, diving or fishing always include cultural tours around the main cities.

Most cultural and historical tours are one-week to 10 days long and the most basic normally include a stop in Havana, Trinidad and Cienfuegos. Havana is Cuba’s beating heart and as such no tour of Cuba is complete without a stop in the capital. Trinidad is an entire city stuck in time, the most immaculately preserved colonial town in Cuba, unchanged for centuries. Cienfuegos is a coastal gem with a different air to any other city in the island and romantic architecture with a strong French accent.

cuba santiago de cuba cathedral and main square

Other provinces usually included in cultural itineraries are Villa Clara, Pinar del Rio and Santiago de Cuba. New and emerging destinations now added on most tours are Baracoa and Camaguey, the latter for its UNESCO World Heritage Site historic centre and the former because of its breathtaking landscapes.

Pinar del Rio is Cuba’s lushest region, home to fertile tobacco fields and the UNESCO-listed Vinales Valley; Cuba’s most photographed green landscape. All tours to Pinar del Rio include a visit to a cigar factory and a tour around Vinales. In Villa Clara, the small town of Remedios is usually the first stop for its incredible cultural value, rich heritage and centuries-old traditions. Within Villa Clara, its capital of Santa Clara is an obligatory stop for visiting the Che Mausoleum. If Havana is Cuba’s beating soul, Santiago is Cuba’s beating drums. As the cradle of Cuban music and the revolution, this is a place to follow the rhythm of the popular son, and explore physical remnants of the revolution, such as the famous Moncada Barracks.

Discover all of Cuba with our company

Our Best of Cuba tour includes all of these places (and two more: Bayamo and Holguin) in a fascinating 11-day journey that leaves no stone unturned.

You start off in Havana, with a full city tour taking you to see all the highlights. Then it’s on towards Pinar del Rio where you’ll enjoy a panoramic city tour, a tour around the Vinales Valley and a visit to a cigar factory. Next you’ll be travelling towards Santa Clara, stopping at various points on the way to see Ernest Hemmingway’s legacy on the island and visit the house where the Nobel Prize winner lived, now a museum. Once in Santa Clara you’ll visit the Che Guevara Memorial and armoured train before you’re off again, this time towards Cienfuegos, where you’ll enjoy a panoramic city tour and visit the Thomas Terry theatre.

cuba trinidad manaca iznaga tower

It’s onwards to Trinidad next, where you’ll be getting a full city tour, also visiting the Cantero Palace Museum and the Canchanchara bar. Next you’ll be heading to Camaguey, stopping at Valle de los Ingenios (Valley of the Sugar Mills) and enjoying the view from the Manazca Iznaga Tower. Once in Camaguey you’ll get another full city tour before it’s time to depart towards Bayamo the next day where you’ll get a brief city tour.

A stop along the way will include a visit to the Basilica de La Caridad del Cobre – the shrine of the Cuban patron saint. Santiago de Cuba awaits next, where you’ll visit the Antonio Maceo Revolution Square, Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Square, the Museo del 26 de Julio (26th July Museum) and the Morro Castle.

Your last call will be the glorious beaches of Guardalavaca in Holguin, where you will unwind and relax before catching your plane back home. This amazing tour includes seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites and can of course be extended so that you enjoy more time in each of the destinations visited or a few extra days on the beach to relax and take it all in can also be added to the itinerary.

For nature lovers and adventurous souls

cuban flamingos

If you want to go off the beaten path and explore virtually untouched nature, then there are a few tours that can quench your thirst for adventure. Whilst some only require a moderate to low level of fitness, there are higher intensity ones for the hardcore climbers, mountain bikers and hikers.

Our Cuba Adventure tour takes you on a two-week journey of discovery along some of Cuba’s most breathtaking cultural and natural landscapes. Salsa classes are included upon your arrival to Havana where you’ll also enjoy a guided tour the same day. You’ll then move on to Santa Clara where you’ll make a stop at the Che Guevara Memorial, before taking the high road towards the Sierra Escambray mountain range.

You’ll stop off at Tope de Collantes natural reserve where you’ll be hiking to see the jaw-dropping waterfall at Salto del Caburni. You’ll have time to cool off and swim in its crystalline pool before retreating to your hotel. The next day you’ll be hiking through El Cubano park, where you’ll have an outstanding opportunity to spot numerous bird species and exotic plants before once again bathing in the pool of another waterfall.

Trinidad will be your next call, where you’ll see the highlights of the city on a guided tour and enjoy scenic horse rides around the area. Once you arrive to your next port of call: Cienfuegos, you’ll be getting a guided tour of its historic city centre stopping at the beautiful Palacio de Valle. Next you’ll be heading to the Zapata Peninsula where you’ll enjoy a boat trip around the Laguna del Tesoro (Treasure Lake) before moving on to Sierra del Rosario, where you’ll stay in Soroa, in Pinar del Rio.

The next day you’ll be exploring the area by bike, following a guided route through the hilly landscape of Sorroa all the way towars San Diego de los Baños. Vinales will be your next stop, where you’ll witness the famous "mogotes" and enjoy a scenic drive through lush tobacco fields, also visiting a cave: Cueva de los Indios. Your next destination will be located in the westernmost pint of the island at Maria La Gorda where you’ll enjoy a free day on the beach and where a snorkelling or diving excursion will be organised. Your last day will be back in Havana, where you’ll have free time to wander about at your leisure before you catch your return flight back to home.

This tour comprises a total of 12 different destinations, much more than most other nature tours and adventure tours around Cuba, but if you want a shorter or longer adventure or perhaps want to include other regions like Baracoa or the Sierra Maestra mountain range, or even add other more strenuous activities to your itinerary, like mountain climbing, then we can arrange a tailor-made exclusive for you.

For seafaring journeys: Cruising Cuba

cuba playa larga cayo largo

This is one of the most scenic and serene ways to see all of Cuba, sailing away on its crystalline waters and cruising along its 3,735 kilometres of coastline.

Our Cuba Cruise sees you boarding your deluxe vessel in Havana where you get a welcome briefing and cocktail party. You then take to the seas and sail away for two days before reaching your first port of call: Holguin where you’ll be taken to visit a wildlife reserve. You’ll also have the option of visiting La Mensura National Park, hike up to the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve at Cuchillas del Toa or see the spectacular Guayabo waterfalls where water cascades down from an altitude of 200 metres.

The next day the cruise will dock in Santiago de Cuba where you will spend the rest of the day and choose from a myriad of exciting local excursions. Come dawn of the following day and you’ll be sailing towards Jamaica, where you’ll make a stop-off in Montego Bay. There you’ll have the choice of exploring a plantation, go horse riding on the beach or browse the local shops and quirky markets.

cuba cienfuegos sea promenade

The sailing journey will take you the beautiful Cuban city of Cienfuegos next, where you’ll have the chance of viewing the impressive Castillo de Jagua before it’s time to move on to Trinidad, where you’ll be strolling its quirky cobbled streets and UNESCO-declared colonial buildings. Next, you’ll be taking to the seas again for a sailing journey that will take you to the last port of call before returning to Havana: the Isle of Youth or Isla de la Juventud. Here you’ll be docking at Punta Frances, where Cuba’s most famous International Scuba Diving Centre is found and where you’ll have the opportunity to swim, snorkel, dive or simply relax while enjoying a live Cuban band.

The above is a seven-day cruise that can always be extended with more time on land at the end or at a beach resort if you so which. It’s one of the most panoramic and gentle ways of seeing a lot of Cuba in a short time.

An alternative cruise for couples or those looking for a bit more intimacy is our Sights and Sounds of Cuba Cruise. Carrying up to 54 passengers onboard, this cruise will take you from Havana into the small but charming coastal town of Puerto Esperanza, just north of the lush Vinales Valley.

After taking in the scenic landscapes you’ll sail away to the Bahia de Corrientes where the crystalline waters will take you to the pristine key of Cayo Largo and later on to the Bay of Pigs, where you’ll be docking to take a tour of the area. Cienfuegos will be the next port of call and once you disembark your vessel you’ll get to admire the quaint beauty and French colonial allure of this city. Trinidad with its UNESCO- listed colonial marvels and palatial architecture will be your next and last stop before sailing back to Havana to catch your onward flight.

If you want to see more of Cuba’s keys during your cruising journey along Cuba then another good option would be to go for a cruise along the Canarreos Peninsula, taking you around the islands of Cayo Gyano, Cayo Largo, Cayo Canatiles, Cayo Estopa, Cayo del Rosario, Coyos de Dios, Cayo Rica and Cayeria Los Majaes.

Other cruise variations can include a beach extension at the end so that you enjoy your last days in Cuba basking in the sun. Cruises can also be combined with other tours or holidays to create a multi-centre holiday. The possibilities are there…all you have to do is call us and ask.

For the full cultural immersion: Private Cuba

cuban american old car running by malecon seawall

Cuba’s private sector has been booming over the last couple of years at a speed never seen before. After a series of changes in legislation regarding private enterprise, Cubans have been very proactive in embracing and setting up their own businesses.

For those who want the most authentic immersion into the Cuban culture, we can arrange stays in the popular "casas particulares", which are B&B style of properties or homestays. When staying in casas particulares you create a closer bond with the people of Cuba, as you live with the hosts for a few days, although these days some casas particulares have evolved to the point of resembling boutique properties that you can rent all for yourself, with no hosts present.

For the real Cuban immersion getting a real taste of Cuba’s private sector there are no ready-made tours but we can create unique tailor-made holidays where every aspect of your holiday is 100% authentically Cuban, made by Cuban locals and not by hotel chains or government companies. It would include homestays in quality properties, a guided city tour with a private local driver who would take you around the city in his privately owned "almendron" (a.k.a classic American car from the 50s) and special encounters to get to know more about private community projects with important social value such as the one in Barrio del Angel in Old Havana.

To add to the authenticity factor you’ll be dined and wined at local "paladares" (restaurants inside people’s homes, although some have evolved to the point where its owners have converted their entire house or property into a restaurant – owners are still very much present though, running the business every day). To enquire more about this type of tours or to create your own please get in touch so that an expert Cuba advisor can talk you through your options and you can experience the best of private Cuba.

A simpler way to experience more of Cuba – twin-centre and multi-centre holidays

What happens if what you want is far less complicated than seeing all of Cuba and you’d rather get just a glimpse of the essentials? Well, if what you are after is the typical Caribbean sand and sun break but with a bit of added culture and unique Cuban flair, then we have the perfect ready-made twin-centre holidays combining Havana with Varadero, Cayo Santa Maria and Guardalavaca.

cuba havana street near chinatown entrance and the capitol

Most of these pre-packaged twin-centre holidays include three days in Havana so that you get to see the sights and feel the flavour of the capital, before retreating to pristine beaches for the remaining seven days of your holiday. Of course, how long you stay in each place can be altered as can the places you stay at - you can go from a twin-centre holiday to a multi-centre holiday if you want to include more than two destinations in your itinerary. Of course, other aspects of your twin-centre holiday can be altered such as the hotel category, the transfers, special extras, and so on.

Tailor-made Cuba your way

If you don’t want to be driven around the island as part of a standard tour and you want to be the one calling all the stops whilst still having the knowledge of local guides at hand, then tailor-made is the way to go. Tailor-made tours of Cuba are the most special because the itinerary is completely designed by you, exactly how you want it. You can decide to spend as much time as you want in one place and discover the aspects of Cuba that draw your attention the most. If you have the time a month-long tour of Cuba can really give you a deep insight into the island and is fantastic adventure to embark on.

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Cuba All Inclusive Holidays

Cuba All Inclusive Holidays

The sultry climate and breathtaking scenery of Cuba makes it a top destination for a classic Caribbean getaway - a completely relaxing holiday where every detail is taken care of for you. Take your pick of the best all-inclusive beach hotels in Varadero, Cayo Coco and Cayo Santa Maria or sample more than one location on a twin-centre holiday and you can enjoy amazing facilities all included in the price.

Unique Havana Holidays

Unique Havana Holidays

Havana exudes time-worn charm and character - from the crumbling Art Deco and Spanish colonial architecture of its skyline to the lively culture, cafes and dance halls found in its streets. A fusion of influences has sparked magic, creating music and dance found nowhere else. And a truly unique, paradoxical history woven into the very fabric of the city makes it a destination in its own right.

Cuba Beach Holidays

Cuba Beach Holidays

Silky-soft sand lapped by iridescent blue water and warm sunshine streaming through tufted palms gently swaying in the tropic breeze - it's the archetypal Caribbean dream - and it really exists in Cuba. There are beaches here to suit everyone - check into a private enclave on a pristine sandy bay or book a beautiful retreat on one of Cuba's Seychelles-style coral cays, stay in a quirky seaside town with a distinctly Cuban feel or choose a classic Caribbean all-inclusive holiday.

Cuba Honeymoon Packages

Cuba Honeymoon Packages

Cuba has a special, undeniable romantic touch that few can resist. The element of romance in Cuba runs far deeper and beyond the allure of tropical sun-kissed beaches and idyllic keys - from the passionate attitude of fun-loving locals to jaw-droppingly beautiful architecture, sleepy towns that time forgot and a revolutionary zest for life, Cuba is definitely a destination to fall in love with as much as with each other. Find out just what you and your partner can look forward to on a romantic holiday to Cuba.

Cuba Dance Holidays

Cuba Dance Holidays

Master the art of Salsa in Cuba and step into a world of smooth moves, intoxicating rhythms and hip-swinging nightlife that will enhance your experience on the island and give you a real insight into its warm and vibrant culture. From the capital Havana to the thriving beach resort of Varadero, travellers can find sensational Salsa instructors and sizzling dance spots throughout the country.

Cuba Family Holidays

Cuba Family Holidays

Swim with dolphins, discover other-worldly landscapes, explore historic castles or ride in vintage cars and steam trains - just a few of the many exciting activities on offer in this incredibly child-friendly destination. With calm, clear waters, marvellous beaches and plenty of all-inclusive hotels, Cuba is the ideal place for a tropical family getaway.

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