Twin and Multicentre Adventures

Hop between castaway beaches and tropical hills, cool colonial towns and legendary Havana to experience the full colourful Cuban cocktail on a twin or multicentre holiday.

Combine cultural exploration and sightseeing in the city with relaxing on a pristine tropical beach or amid blissfully unspoilt natural landscapes on a twin or multicentre holiday to Cuba, and get the most out of your time in this endlessly fascinating country.

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The Caribbean’s largest island nation is a veritable treasure trove of wonderful places and unique experiences from time-capsule cities fizzing with culture to unspoilt natural paradises bursting with life. The colourful spectrum of experiences include sultry salsa in Santiago de Cuba and cruising along Havana’s iconic seafront in a classic car, but the sizeable distances between places means it’s difficult to explore from just one base. If you are making the long-haul journey to Cuba it makes sense to stay for at least two weeks and split your time between several different destinations on a twin or multi-centre holiday. That way, you can get a stronger sense of place and experience deeper cultural immersion in a country famed for its uniqueness.

Cuba’s capital, Havana, has become a travel icon for its rich cultural expression, faded colonial grandeur and seafront Malecon humming with classic cars, making it the most obvious partner in a twin or multi-centre holiday. Cuba really does have it all, so the other destinations that you choose to team with Havana depend largely on the kinds of things you like to see and do on holiday. You can experience a postcard-perfect paradise in the resort of Varadero or in any of the castaway cays. You can walk the centuries-old streets of colonial Trinidad or discover Afro-Cuban rhythms in the cultural heartland of Santiago. You can dive into an unspoilt underwater Eden in Cayo Largo, bask in the natural glory of Vinales Valley, or trek into the verdant mountains above the quirky eastern enclave of Baracoa, and much more.

Hip Havana plus heavenly beaches

While many travellers come to Cuba to appreciate its classic Caribbean charms of warm weather, turquoise seas and soft white sand while revelling in Robinson Crusoe-style bliss, a journey here is not complete without experiencing Havana. The capital city is the grand dame of the Caribbean, exuding character, colour, faded glamour and history. As well as a rich concentration of sightseeing spots – museums, UNESCO sites and historic places – travellers have the chance to get a real feel for Cuban culture in the streets, bars and music halls of this hip and happening city. As the home of Cuba’s main international airport, Havana is also the most convenient place to explore at the start or end of a holiday in the country.

Don’t miss a tour of Old Havana’s atmospheric colonial lanes and squares or a cruise along the seafront in a one of the 1950s classic American cars-turned-taxis that have become a hallmark of time-capsule Havana. Get your bearings with a stroll along the Malecon seawall that stretches from Old Havana to the district of Vedado. Visit the Rum Museum and Havana Cigar Factory for a window on the island’s most renowned and potent produce, and be sure to sample Cuban live music and salsa at the Casa de la Musica or any number of atmospheric venues dotted around town.

For somewhere special to stay, consider Cuba’s most famous hotel – Hotel Nacional de Cuba – a grand and much-photographed structure on the Vedado waterfront or the chic and intimate Saratoga hotel in Old Havana, with its exterior restored to reflect its glamorous 1930s heyday, a rooftop pool, gorgeous decorative flourishes and deluxe rooms.

City + Beach Twin-centre Experiences

Havana is so well connected to the rest of the country via land and air that you can team a stay in the capital with an amazing array of beach destinations from the serene Cayo Levisa off the north-west coast to remote Cayo Largo in Cuba’s southern waters. You don’t have to stray far from Havana to find excellent beaches though. Habana del Este’s trio of beaches backed by hotels are just a short drive from the capital, while a little further along the coast you can find the more secluded Jibacoa, a quiet and scenic slice of fine sand with a few hotels beside a charming fishing village.

Still within easy driving distance of Havana, although it also has its own airport, Varadero is Cuba’s most popular beach destination for good reason. A seemingly-endless ribbon of creamy sand fringes along the long finger of land that makes up the peninsula, and behind the beach there is a fabulous collection of hotels and facilities to make your stay comfortable. Although Cuba’s coast is positively studded with paradisiacal beaches, Varadero has a great selection of all-inclusive resorts and activities for all pockets. Tourists can find countless tours of the peninsula, including boat and dive trips, crocodile safaris and a whole range of entertainment including traditional salsa.

For pure beach bliss, you can also head on from Havana via a short internal flight to Cuba’s north-eastern string of pearl cays such as Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Coco, collectively known as the Jardines del Rey, or Gardens of the King. These little coral islets are a vision of paradise with powdery palm-tufted sand and crystal blue water and a smattering of unobtrusive all-inclusive resorts fulfilling travellers’ every need.

For a variety of idyllic beaches, the eastern tourist town of Guardalavaca is perfect. You can experience a more local feel at the main beach with hammocks strung between tall palms, coconut vendors and watersports shacks tucked behind the treeline. The coastline’s calm clear waters dotted with coral heads are particularly good for aquatic sports such as snorkelling. One of Cuba’s most exclusive luxury resorts, the Paradisus Rio del Oro, is perched above a crescent of sand nearby and has its own diving facilities for guests to explore the area’s colourful underwater riches.

City + City: Classic dual combinations

Beginning in Cuba’s happening capital of Havana, exploring the central and western segment of the island covers manageable distances and can be very rewarding. Classic destinations to twin with Havana include the beautifully-preserved colonial city of Trinidad in the south. Travellers curious about Cuba’s unique architecture and colonial heritage could substitute Vinales for Trinidad and spend a few days exploring its ambient streets, the historic and picturesque Valley of the Sugar Mills and nearby beach resort of Playa Ancon.

A Trinidad + Havana twin-centre experience has it all. The magic of Trinidad lies in it having all of Havana’s old world grandeur and beauty minus the modern juxtaposition. Yes, Trinidad is a colonial city forever stuck in time and preserving intact its colourful architectural marvels. In common with Havana it has the colonial heritage but in a larger, more dramatic scale so that it takes over an entire city; it’s a microcosm of vintage Cuba during the prosperous era of the sugar cane industry. There are plenty of attractions in both Trinidad and Havana to keep you busy during the day, coupled with buzzing nightlife (significantly and understandably more varied in the capital) to keep you entertained at night, as well as nearby beaches to relax under the sun. Dazzling nature is also a short hop away from Trinidad, with the UNESCO-listed Topes de Collantes biosphere reserve in the surrounding Sierra del Rosario mountain range, easily accessible from the heart of this colonial town.

For those looking for a broader experience, a multi-centre holiday will be even more rewarding. You can visit the atmospheric southern colonial cities of Cienfuegos, close to Trinidad. Both key stops on the Spanish heritage trail, UNESCO-listed Trinidad and the elegant little city of Cienfuegos, known as the Pearl of the South, are two of the most atmospheric places in Cuba. Trinidad has the added allure of green hills and the historic Valley of the Sugar Mills just next door. After an active holiday, you could even tack on a few extra days to rest up beside the pristine sand beach resort of Varadero in the north for a few days of sun, sea and relaxation.

You can also take a multi-stop tour of the island’s wild west, glimpsing simmering city life in Havana, colonial heritage in Cienfuegos and Trinidad, and heading west to experience natural immersion in Vinales. A world away from the hustle and bustle of Havana, rural western Cuba is a pocket of peace and tranquillity. Vinales Valley’s peculiar rounded mogote hills rising between old rust-red tobacco plantations and the dewy forested foothills of the biosphere reserve are truly a sight of outstanding natural beauty, and indeed this is one of the best places for hiking, bird-watching and discovering Cuba’s unique tropical environment. There are several eco-tourism resorts set in the verdant hills that make a perfect base in the area, most notably Las Terrazas and Soroa.

To experience the depth and diversity of Cuban culture, visitors can hop on a flight from Havana to the far south-eastern city of Santiago de Cuba, known as Cuba’s cultural heartland and the birthplace of local salsa and son. But if you have less than two weeks in Cuba, it’s not recommendable to do this long journey by car, although it’s totally doable by plane as it’s only an hour-and-half away from Havana (so easily squeezable into a 7 to 10-day twin or multicentre holiday). For those planning a Cuba holiday of two weeks or longer or with a side-helping adrenaline venturing to Santiago de Cuba by car while stopping at various other cities on the way would work better. It will give you a richer experience with a more restful travelling time.

Magical multi-faceted journeys

Cuba has many different layers to explore. There are more stirring vistas, urban gems, local specialties, historic places and cultural highlights than there’s room to mention. But you can experience it all for yourself with a multi-centre holiday sampling the colourful sights and sounds of Cuba’s most iconic places, natural wonders and Caribbean beaches. For active travellers, it’s possible to fit multiple stops into an itinerary of 10 to 14 days with a few nights in Havana and a couple of days exploring a heritage town or natural hotspot, plus a mini beach break.

If you prefer a more relaxed pace to your holiday, consider visiting Cuba for two weeks or longer to fully savour the island’s wonderful range of experiences. Well balanced journeys include plenty of time in Havana, a drive to the western Vinales Valley and a stay on the authentic desert island of Cayo Levisa, which is a short boat trip from the north-west mainland.

If relaxing on a sun-dappled tropical beach is a big part of your travel plans, follow a stay in Trinidad with a break in Cuba’s premier tourist resort of Varadero, east of Havana, or drop into the north-eastern Jardines del Rey archipelago for the purest sense of island paradise in the exclusive enclaves of Cayo Coco and Cayo Santa Maria.

History lovers and rebels at heart following Cuba’s revolutionary trail can expand on a tour of Havana’s vast Revolution Square and Museum of the Cuban Revolution in Havana by including a few days in fascinating Santa Clara. The city is chock-full of monuments and historic sites related to the revolution, where the final battle was played out in 1958. The city’s position at the centre of Cuba means you can choose from a range of other destinations to team it with. You are spoilt for choice if you want to hit the beach afterwards, with Varadero to the north-west and the Jardines del Rey archipelago to the north-east. Trinidad and Cienfuegos are half way.

For a complete picture of Cuba, it’s possible to traverse key points across the island all in one trip. You can hop from Cienfuegos and colonial Trinidad, to the south-eastern city of Santiago de Cuba and across the high forested mountains to isolated Baracoa, Cuba’s founding settlement on the far eastern tip of the island. Something of an undiscovered gem, the seaside town of Baracoa has a splendid natural setting and bags of character and history to beguile visitors. On this journey from west to east, it’s possible to mix-and-match itineraries to skip certain places and include other destinations such as Playa Ancon, for a touch of beach relaxation, or Santa Clara for a strong dose of revolutionary history.

Flexible fly-drive itineraries

For travellers looking to explore Cuba’s colourful array of places and experiences at their own pace, a flexible fly-drive holiday offers the ultimate freedom. You can choose when and where to travel on a whim, covering long distances with internal flights and a hire car ready to collect at each destination. Packages include a car and access to a long list of hotels across the country so you can stop wherever you choose for as long as you like.

Design your own immersive experience

Cuba is simply jam-packed full of fascinating, picturesque and atmospheric places offering a rich diversity of experiences from learning salsa and staying in remote eco-retreats to world-class fishing and the finest scuba diving in the Caribbean. Instead of a fixed itinerary, our Cuba specialists can help you hand-pick the destinations and experiences that appeal most to you, giving you complete freedom to design your own dream holiday. Read more about our Tailor-made experiences here.

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Cuba All Inclusive Holidays

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Unique Havana Holidays

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Cuba Beach Holidays

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Cuba Honeymoon Packages

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Cuba Dance Holidays

Cuba Dance Holidays

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Cuba Family Holidays

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