Independent hotels and "casas particulares" in Cuba

There are no independent hotels in Cuba per-se as all hotels in Cuba, whether operated by foreign or national firms, belong to the Cuban government and are leased out to international hoteliers by Cuban hotel chains, who ultimately own the hotels even when operated by an overseas company.

Where you'll find diversity in ownership is at Cuba's selection of casas particulares - the local equivalent to homestays or BandBs. These began as humble establishments where a Cuban homeowner or household would rent out one to two-bedrooms inside his house to foreign holidaymakers whilst also living at the property.

Now casas particulares have evolved so much, that many no longer have a host living onsite as more Cuban entrepreneurs have been given the freedom to rent out entire homes, flats and even buildings. Some are in fact so refined and luxurious they look like boutique hotels with many indeed boasting higher standards than state-run hotels. As Cuba's private market booms and develops and as rules regarding private ownership become more relaxed, there might soon emerge a range of independent hotels no longer classed as BandBs or casas particulares. Watch this space!

Hotel Palco

Linked with the Havana Convention Centre, Hotel Palco is designed to offer a luxurious and professional experience for business people who require high quality accommodation, impeccable comfort and facilities and a quiet atmosphere.

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Marina Hemingway

The Marina Hemingway comprises two hotels and a set of bungalows, meaning there is accommodation to suit all tastes. This large complex also has shops, swimming pools, a beauty salon, nightclub, restaurants, bars, activities and entertainment, so it's an...

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Msc Armonia - Cuba

Experience the best of the Caribbean on board the MSC Armonia. From discovering the beauty and wonder of Havana, where old meets new, to unwinding on the Cayman Islands famous 7 mile beach in George town. Book either a 7 or a 14 night cruise, both...

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Villa Armonia Tarara

The Villa Armonia Tarara is a quiet complex by the ocean, making it a great place to relax and unwind, while enjoying the beautiful surroundings and excellent beach. The hotel has many features, including its own marina, and is a good option for families...

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Villa Megano

Offering great value beachside accommodation to travellers on a budget, the Villa Megano Hotel combines a fabulous location with good amenities and is the perfect destination for visitors looking to relax, soak up the sun and enjoy the laid back side of...

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Las Terrazas


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