Habaguanex in Cuba

A Cuban hotel chain part of the Habaguanex Tourist Company, which belongs to the Office of the Historian of Havana, this national hotelier has an exclusive collection of properties, all of which are concentrated in the historic city centre of Old Havana.

The second largest hotel chain in the island in terms of its number of properties, Habaguanex was founded with the intention of restoring old crumbling mansions, palaces and grand colonial buildings to then give them a new lease of life as hotels whilst respecting their original antique features and design. The project proved massively successful and has been extended to many decaying properties over time as well as the opening of brand new hotels. Habaguanex currently has a portfolio of 21 properties, most of which are old refurbished buildings that have been returned to their full glory.

Staying at a Habaguanex hotel is like stepping back in time to relive a passage of history, as each of these carefully restored boutique hotels keeps its unique character. Boutique hotels range from small and intimate 3-star colonial houses to grand 5-star converted mansions.

Meson De La Flota Hostal

The perfect place from which to explore Havana, the Meson de la Flota Hostal is a small and unique restaurant and rooms just paces away from the Old Square. This excellent location is ideal for anyone wishing to take in the history, culture and delights...

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Palacio Del Marques De San Felipe Y Santiago De Bejucal Hotel

Set in a stunning historic building but boasting all the amenities of a modern hotel, the Palacio del Marques de San Felipe y Santiago de Bejucal Hotel offers guests the chance to enjoy the charm and character of Havana in comfort and style.

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Palacio O'farrill Hotel

Palacio O'farrill Hotel - Havana

Holidays from £1169 per person

Combining all the comforts of a modern boutique hotel with the charm of a beautiful and historic setting, the Palacio O'Farrill Hotel is the perfect place from which to explore the vibrant street life and rich culture of Havana.

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Park View Hotel

With a budget friendly price tag, central location, and friendly staff, the Hotel Park View is a great base for tourists looking to explore all Havana has to offer.

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Raquel Hotel

Raquel Hotel - Havana

Holidays from £1169 per person

At the Raquel Hotel you can enjoy a grandiose, eclectic mix of architecture, exquisite decor and a stunning, panoramic rooftop view of Old Havana - surrounded by the museums, galleries and cultural delights of this historic city. This magnificent hotel...

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San Miguel Hotel

This authentic historical mansion has 20th century styling and an air of grandeur. With old photographs lining the walls, guests can truly feel as though they have stepped back in time. The location of this beautiful hotel is perfect for discovering the...

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Santa Isabel Hotel

Santa Isabel Hotel - Havana

Holidays from £1149 per person

Combining colonial grace with modern comfort and amenities, the stunning Santa Isabel Hotel is perfectly located for visitors who want to explore the vibrant and characterful streets of Havana during their stay on this idyllic Caribbean island. A stone's...

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Saratoga - Havana

Holidays from £1359 per person

If you're a lover of beauty, sophistication and style, the Hotel Saratoga, located in the historic centre of Havana, will make you feel right at home. The haunt of many a celebrity during their stays in Havana, since reopening in 2005 this hotel has truly...

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Tejadillo Hotel

Tejadillo Hotel - Havana

Holidays from £1069 per person

Find rest and respite in the heart of Havana at the Hotel Tejadillo. This hotel, with its cool white walls and lush green courtyards, is the very definition of ethereal calm. As you roam the historic hallways it will be easy to forget that you're just...

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