Habaguanex in Cuba

A Cuban hotel chain part of the Habaguanex Tourist Company, which belongs to the Office of the Historian of Havana, this national hotelier has an exclusive collection of properties, all of which are concentrated in the historic city centre of Old Havana.

The second largest hotel chain in the island in terms of its number of properties, Habaguanex was founded with the intention of restoring old crumbling mansions, palaces and grand colonial buildings to then give them a new lease of life as hotels whilst respecting their original antique features and design. The project proved massively successful and has been extended to many decaying properties over time as well as the opening of brand new hotels. Habaguanex currently has a portfolio of 21 properties, most of which are old refurbished buildings that have been returned to their full glory.

Staying at a Habaguanex hotel is like stepping back in time to relive a passage of history, as each of these carefully restored boutique hotels keeps its unique character. Boutique hotels range from small and intimate 3-star colonial houses to grand 5-star converted mansions.

Telegrafo Hotel

Telegrafo Hotel - Havana

Holidays from £1019 per person

Hotel Telegrafo is wonderfully located just steps away from the iconic Parque Central in Old Havana. For those of you who love to explore, within walking distance is an abundance of museums, avenues and the world famous Buena Vista Social Club.

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Terral Hotel

Terral Hotel - Havana

Holidays from £1039 per person

Situated directly facing the famous and popular Malecon seawall, El Terral is a beautiful new build which, when contrasted with the crumbling buildings around it, creates an engaging mix of the old and new that Havana is so well-known for. It is the...

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Valencia Hostal

One of the prettiest hotels in Old Havana, this gorgeous holiday spot is ideally situated close to all of the attractions of the city and the beach, and boasts a stunning design with traditional features, such as wooden beams, a terracotta staircase and...

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