Originally built in 1920, the Hotel Casa Verde is one of a number of boutique hotels that have been created in order to preserve buildings of architectural significance. It allows visitors to Cuba to live in a part of the country's rich cultural legacy. The hotel also offers easy access to the historic city of Cienfuego and the nearby beaches of Rancho Luna and El Ingles. Anyone who stays in the Hotel Casa Verde will have the privilege of staying in a beautifully restored and appointed room in a building that forms part of the city's charm. The Jagua Hotel next door is a similarly important part of Cienfuego's cultural heritage. Visitors to the Hotel Casa Verde gain access to the restaurant at the Jagua Hotel for their lunch and dinner. Breakfast and snacks are served by the bar in the Casa Verde itself. The hotel is located in the Punta Gorda region of Cienfuego. This area has been designated as a National Monument in Cuba due to the heavy concentration of architecturally significant buildings. For any visitor who wants to soak up the culture of Cuba, there is no better place to stay than at the Hotel Casa Verde. Guests at the Casa Verde can also use the swimming pool at the Jagua Hotel. If swimming in the sea is more what is sought after by visitors then the Playa Rancho Luna beach is a short journey from Cienfuego. A range of water sports can be engaged in from this location. Among the attractions available in Cienfuego is the Castillo Jagua, a fortress that was originally constructed to protect the area from pirates and then extended to guard against the British. Jose Marti Park is another site that is well worth a visit as it contains the only triumphal arch in Cuba. It is also surrounded by several important buildings including the Tomas Terry Theatre, which is topped by impressive mosaic murals. The city's botanical gardens are considered to be the best in the country and are well worth a quick visit from any visitor to the area.
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Holidays at Villa Casa Verde


Holidays at Villa Casa Verde

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