This gorgeous 69-foot yacht is fully refurbished and stylishly designed to create the perfect space to enjoy a lavish diving holiday with friends. This yacht is smaller in size than some others, meaning that it is the perfect space for smaller groups, couples or families. The recommended group size is up to 8 divers per break, although La Reina can comfortably fit up to 9. Diving guides are on board the yacht for the duration of the holiday as well, to provide more information for each dive and about the local area. There are plenty of locations which can be enjoyed during the trip. Havana is a popular choice, but for those with a more daring streak, Santa Lucia and the famous Mortera wreck is a great place to spot bull sharks and take in some of the exciting and adventurous sights in Cuba. Departures on La Reina are on Saturdays and the trip lasts for 6 nights. Days start at 7am with a fresh breakfast prepared by an experienced chef and then guests can enjoy up to 3 dives per day, or a full day of fishing either on board or in one of various ideal fishing locations as the trip progresses. Guests are able to fish late into the evening if they so wish, and can ask their guides about doing so. Lunch and dinner are also served on board the yacht, and most of the food is seafood oriented, with the freshest possible produce and a traditional Cuban twist to all of the meals. Facilities and amenities aboard La Reina are plentiful, so that guests can enjoy more relaxed days alongside the active ones. Cabins are supremely comfortable, with double beds and en suite bathrooms, as well as central air conditioning to keep the temperature moderate. There is a large upper deck where guests can relax and take in the sun and gorgeous views during the day, or kick back with a cocktail and a Cuban cigar before dinner. There is a bar on board where it is possible to get a drink throughout the day or evening, and equipment can be hired for watersports and other activities.
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Holidays at La Reina


Holidays at La Reina

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