This fabulous two-deck yacht is the ideal place to take a fishing or diving expedition with a small to medium group of friends or family members. Caballones can accommodate up to 10 people for a week, and will also hold a small group of guides who are able to provide more information about the local area, offer tours and recommend places to enjoy the most spectacular dives throughout the trip. The yacht itself is state-of-the-art and elegantly appointed to create a truly stunning and expensive feel to the entire holiday. The Caballones takes on passengers on Saturdays for 6 nights, and can take in various sights and attractions along Cuba's southern coast. Jardines de la Reina is a natural national park where guests can enjoy some of the most famous and beautiful diving spots not only in Cuba, but in the entire world. Each trip on Caballones allows for up to 3 dives per day, as well as taking in the sights and stopping at some of the more beautiful destinations. The day generally starts with breakfast at 7am and guests can fish into the late evening if they wish, meaning that the day is long and interesting, with visitors able to take advantage of all of the parts of the day that they most want to, and relaxing in the interim periods. This yacht has plenty of facilities and amenities on board, so that guests can truly relax into their holiday and enjoy a luxurious yet adventurous break. Dining on board the Caballones combines deliciously fresh seafood with the best Continental Italian cuisine, as well as traditional Cuban dishes. There are three large meals served every day and all of the food is completely fresh and utterly delicious. There is also a bar on board where guests can enjoy drinks during the evening and evening entertainment, whilst sun decks are the perfect place to take in the sun on warm days. Cabins are comfortable and luxurious, with double beds and en suite bathrooms. There is internet access thanks to wireless networking and air conditioning makes the temperature ideal for sleeping or relaxing when guests are not out enjoying the water.
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Holidays at Caballones

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