With its unique location, the Hotel Gran Piedra is one of Cuba's most spectacular holiday destinations. The hotel is situated part way up the Gran Piedra mountain in the Sierra Maestra range. This gives visitors outstanding views out over the countryside and down to the Caribbean. In spite of the fact that the hotel is in a UNESCO designated wildlife reserve, the bustling city of Santiago de Cuba can be reached via a short car journey. This allows nature lovers to enjoy a holiday in amongst the wonders of nature, while still being able to take a trip to the city to soak up some of the local culture. The Hotel Gran Piedra is all inclusive with a bar, restaurant and cafe for the use of guests. The limited selection of food and drink on offer is of good quality and is available 24 hours a day. The rooms are located in small modern cabins and have en suite bathrooms along with either a terrace or a balcony. They are also equipped with satellite television and a mini bar. The hotel runs a daytime activities program which includes ecological excursions in Bacanao wildlife reserve. The reserve is home to a variety of attractions including the well established Botanical Gardens and the Gran Piedra itself. By climbing up to the lookout point on the mountain visitors can enjoy an even more spectacular view than the one from the hotel. There is also a transport museum in Bacanao Park that houses a collection of more than 2,000 miniature cars as well as a wide selection of vintage models. The farm from which Fidel Castro launched attack that began the Cuban Revolution in 1953 is also located in the area. Taxis can be arranged by the hotel, which makes a night out in Santiago de Cuba an easily achievable proposition. The hotel offers parking for hire cars so that guests who are keen to explore further afield can drive down to the city or to the beach during the day.
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Holidays at Gran Piedra Hotel


Holidays at Gran Piedra Hotel

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